In Memory of a Noble Moustache Cup

Disclaimer: I’m still not an artist. Things haven’t changed too much since about a week ago.

Today I broke my moustache cup. As a result, I am currently in mourning, and as an outlet for my grief, I decided to write about it.

Just to be clear, because I know some of you may not be on this point, I’m not in love with moustaches. I just find them to be wildly amusing and entertaining, probably more so because I will never, ever grow one. It was actually a recent development. I haven’t been a moustache aficionado all my life–just for the last… maybe two months. Near the beginning of this period of time, a good friend of mine bought me my very first and only moustache cup.

Here it is:

Okay, yes. I admit that these pictures were taken after the cup was broken. But it's broken in these pictures!! ::sniff::

Not only was it fully entertaining, but it is educational as well! What a noble cup. The past few weeks, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying using my moustache cup in the office. It brightened up my day! Coffee in a moustache cup? What can be better?!

This morning, however, tragedy struck. I was getting hot water from the hot water dispenser (maybe I should have opted for coffee this morning, but what’s done is done ::sigh::) when my eyes alighted upon the counter, where there was a tray full of… donuts!!! Now, normally, I can lean my cup in the hot water dispenser so I don’t have to hold onto it while it’s being filled up. But I guess I must have been too excited. I let go of my cup and exclaimed, “Oh! Donuts!” And that is when calamity struck!

It looked a little like this:

I told you I wasn’t an artist. But I assure you, it’s a very accurate rendition. And yes, I did take my legal pad and measure the distance with it, because I wanted to give the right information. Anyways. Back to the story.

I turned back around, and alas! There was my cup on the floor! In two pieces!! GASP!!!

It broke in two neatly aligned, side by side pieces. Don't ask me how it happened.

Okay–I admit it didn’t fall like that. I took that picture after I got home to demonstrate what it now looks like in two pieces!!!! So sad. But! I am going to super glue it back together so it will only appear to be as good as new, but alas! My moustache cup will never be used again for cheering beverages and now has to be relegated to the post of a moustache pot for the rest of it’s life.

This is pre-breakage.

Why, oh why was I distracted by the mere sight of donuts? I was so disheartened afterwards that I only ate a donut hole in my grief. My poor moustache cup. I shall remember you always.


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