You have no right to exist.

I’d really like to tell someone, “People like you have no right to exist.” Not for any real reason. Simply because it sounds really cool and is very cutting.

The scene would look a little like this: First, someone would do something really terrible. Then I’d show up and save the day. I would declare that statement spitefully and then I’d make a dramatic turn with my cape flying behind me and disappear into the shadows while the person addressed lies whimpering in a puddle of shame.

Two problems with that statement. First of all, I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t have a right to exist. I think just by virtue of being human you have that right? I’m not too sure about it, and I really haven’t put very much thought into it.

Second problem. “People” implies more than one, and perhaps I found one cretin, would I find many more? Most people I know of, as terrible as they are (and I honestly don’t know that many terrible people), have at least some kind of redeeming feature. And even if they are black-hearted to the core, I’m somewhat of an eternal optimist and still believe that people can be changed for the better.

Sigh. I guess I’m never going to be able to tell anyone that they have no right to exist.

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