Public Service Announcement

Today someone sent me a link that I believe is very important, and everyone ought to know about it.


Okay. So the point of the article is not mold, but bacteria. But remember when I said that I was going to grow mold in my fat folds from being so lazy? You might have thought that I was exaggerating, weren’t you? Well, I’m wasn’t.

Here is another very ::ahem:: obviously authoritative website saying that you can grow mold on your skin. Even the Urban Dictionary says so, as well as many other websites that I am not going to post here. You can find them for yourself if you are really that curious. (See, I did my research, you can too. Took about two minutes.)

But back to the point. Belly buttons are a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, fungi, and other unpleasant elements. So please, please, please wash your belly buttons! Cleanliness is of utmost importance for your personal well-being as well as all those around you!

You’re welcome.


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