National Cleaning Day

It turns out that the United States of America does not have a National Cleaning Day. Cleaning is essential to a healthy lifestyle and important for us to maintain high sanitation standards. If that is the case (and it is), why do we not have a National Cleaning Day? In fact, cleaning is so important, we should have National Cleaning Day at least once a month. At the very least. Then life would feel so much better. After all, don’t you love the feeling of a clean house/apartment/cave/treehouse/some sort of dwelling place? It’s like you can take a breath of fresh air when all that dirt/dust/grime/grossness is all gone! So refreshing! Therefore, I’ve decided to instate a National Cleaning Day.

Oh wait. I just found out that National Cleaning Week is the last week of March. I guess I just missed it. Darn. Everyone who missed it, go clean!

Say something! Make me laugh!

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